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Quarantine Tips

General Information

1. Structure your day: maintain a consistent schedule and outline it in advance, most effectively the night before each day. Use of a daily planner can be extremely helpful. You can break down your routine into 15 minute, half hour, and hour increments. In it include necessary tasks like food prep and clean up, as well as projects, phone or video contact with outside friends and family, hobbies and downtime, such as reading or watching a TV series. Structure can help to alleviate anxiety and decreases stress. It is particularly helpful for children at this time, because it allows for greater predictability and routine.

2. Manage Relationships Calmly and Reasonably: In a time of uncertainty, stress and differences of opinion can result in frustration and aggravation with significant others. Be aware of your emotions, attitudes and reactions, and prioritize remaining reasonable and calm when disagreements arise. A commitment to a pleasant home environment will go a long way to help you decrease stress, and make decisions most effectively.

3. Stay in Contact with Others: Whether you are in quarantine alone or with others, stay in touch with other people either in person, or by phone and video chats. As social beings, humans require interpersonal contact in order to adapt most effectively. Maintaining contact with people we care about allows us to give and receive love and encouragement, and can help us to come up with new ways to solve problems.

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