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About Dr. Jason Hart

My name is Dr. Jason Hart and I am a clinical psychologist practicing in beautiful and historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania. At my office in Doylestown, I work with clients to better understand their life situations in order to help them resolve dilemmas and establish a lifestyle that is consistent with their values, strengths, and personal goals.

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Covid-19 UPDATE philadelphia pa


Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, Dr. Jason Hart has adjusted the PSYDOC practice to meet the needs of his clientele and ensure their safety. All sessions are now being held via an online digital platform.

Dr. Hart continues to take on new clients and seeks to be of assistance to the Bucks County community. Now more than ever, psychotherapeutic services can assist clients in managing stress and anxiety, in order to enhance their ability to handle the current circumstances most effectively.

Dr. Jason Hart is committed to assisting you and serving our community in this time of crisis. He can be reached through email at jhartpsyd@gmail.com or by phone at 267.427.2070.

Psychological Theories of Interest

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Existential therapy

It focuses on free will, self-determination, and the search for meaning—often centering on you rather than on the symptom.

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Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT)

It is a form of psychotherapy that treats problems and boosts happiness by modifying dysfunctional emotions, behaviors, and thoughts.

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Psychodynamic Psychology

In its broadest senses an approach to psychology that emphasizes systematic study of the psychological forces that underlie human behavior, feelings, and emotions.

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Transpersonal Psychology

Transpersonal psychology is a sub-field or "school" of psychology that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology. It is also possible to define it as a "spiritual psychology".

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Systems Theory

Systems psychology is a branch of both theoretical psychology and applied psychology that studies human behaviour and experience in complex systems.



The human mind has the capacity to regulate and even heal through a variety of techniques and methods. From a clinical perspective these include, Meditation, Guided Visualization, and mindfulness. I use these to assist my clients in to help them to tolerate stress, reduce anxiety, heal trauma, and enhance mood and mental clarity.



For those who feel the call of the wild, Ecotherapy, or therapy in the wilderness, combines the power of the nature with psychotherapy to connect human beings with the deep and healing capacity of the natural world.

How I Practice

As a psychological practicioner I integrate a number of theories of psychology into practice and use these to tailor an individualized counseling design for each of my individual patients. I use my education and personal experience, knowledge of psychological theory and intervention to assist my clients to continue to heal and grow.

This is the heart of my work: understanding a person’s complete life situation in order to help them to establish harmony between who they are and who they truly know themselves to be.

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Professional Services

Psychological Counseling for Adults -

Individual Therapy

Therapy can help people confront barriers that interfere with emotional and mental well-being, and it can also increase positive feelings such as compassion, self-esteem, love, courage, and peace. Many people find they enjoy the therapeutic journey of becoming more self-aware, and they may pursue ongoing psychotherapy as a means of self-growth and self-actualization.

Couple's Therapy

Couples therapy helps couples of all types recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. Through couples therapy, you can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding and strengthening your relationship or going your separate ways.

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